Event information

The BHAS Annual Show will be held on Sunday, 8 September 2019 at Hertford Avenue Allotments, open to all.

All entries to the show should be dropped off between 10am – 12noon. Entry cards will be available in advance from the Trading Shed and also on the day.

Judging will take place between 12noon – 1pm.

The BBQ will start after judging has finished at 1pm.

About the day

A highlight of the allotment year, the Annual Show is a great family day out. It’s a good opportunity to meet your fellow plot holders and enjoy some delicious food. We encourage everyone to participate and enter their plot grown produce. For anyone who hasn’t entered their plot gown fruit, vegetables, flowers or herbs before, please don’t be put off – this isn’t Chelsea Flower Show!

Your entries don’t have to be perfect – just remember:

  • Biggest is not always best.
  • Try to show entries that are pest and disease free.
  • Where an entry comprises several items choose ones that are as near as possible the same size and shape.
  • Give yourself plenty of time, and if you can, prepare at least some of your entries the night before.
  • Read your schedule carefully and when you pick up your show cards on Sunday morning.  Make sure to write your name clearly and put your exhibit in the right place.
  • Finally, and most importantly, HAVE FUN!

Helpful notes: Please bring your own small, plain china plates to show beans, small tomatoes, and soft fruit to ensure entries aren’t carried away by wind.  Heavier entries, like pumpkins, Anyone showing jam or chutney, please cover with wax and cellophane seals and not screw on lids. Please arrange flower entries in your own heavy vase in case of wind.



  1. Aubergines x 2
  2. Peppers x 3
  3. Chili peppers x 4
  4. Beetroot x 4 – with 8cm of tops
  5. French Beans x 6 – any colour, any type (keep stalks on)
  6. Runner Bean x 6 (keep stalks on)
  7. Carrot x 4 – with 8cm carrot tops
  8. Courgette x 4
  9. Cucumber x 1
  10. Garlic x 4
  11. Marrow x 1- no longer than 38 cm (15 inches)
  12. Onions x 4 – outer skins only removed (leave 3 inches of stem)
  13. Shallots x 6
  14. Potato x 4
  15. Pumpkin / Squash x 1
  16. Sweetcorn x 2 (with outer leaves)
  17. Beef tomato x 4 – with stalks
  18. Cherry tomato x 6 – with stalks
  19. Medium tomato x 4 – with stalks
  20. Mixed vegetables – 5 of any kind (presentation up to you!)
  21. Any vegetable x 1 (this is for any vegetable NOT in the above categories)
  22. Biggest vegetable x 1
  23. Herbs in a jam jar – please write a list of the herbs you display and place with the jar


  1. Apples x 4
  2. Top fruit (pears, plums, quinces, etc.) any kind x 4
  3. Soft fruit, any kind x 10 (where possible leave stems, not raspberries)
  4. Blackberries x 10 (leave stalks)
  5. Any other fruit


  1. Mixed flowers in a vase, arrange as you wish
  2. A single variety of flowers in vase
  3. Dahlias x 6 stems, same variety
  4. Sunflower x 1 stem


33a. Aged up to 10 years. Create an original art piece inspired by the allotments.

33b. Aged 11 – 18 years. Create an original art piece inspired by the allotments.

34a. Aged up to 10 years. Mini garden on a seed tray – create your own miniature garden.

34b. Aged 11 – 18 years. Mini garden on a seed tray – create your own miniature garden.

35a. Aged up to 10 years. Vegetable monster/pet – decorate and create using vegetables, fruit and/or herbs.

35b. Aged 11 – 18 years. Vegetable monster/pet – decorate and create using vegetables, fruit and/or herbs.


  • Plot of the Year
  • Best Newcomer’s Plot
  • Show Person of the Year (for most points scored in show)
  • Best in Baking categories (person with most points)


All entries must be correct to the schedule.

Jam and Preserves

  • All preserves to be labelled with date made and main fruit used.
  • Glass jars used for preserves can be recycled providing they have been thoroughly sterilized.
  • All sweet preserves to be covered with either cellophane or twist –on lid.
  • Lemon curd should only be covered with well fitting wax disc and cellophane or cellophane alone.
  • All vinegar preserves should be a minimum of 1 month old
  1. Jar stone fruit jam
  2. Jar soft fruit jam
  3. Jar marmalade
  4. Jar lemon curd
  5. Jar chutney


  • Present breads on a board.
  • Present sweet and savoury baked items on a china plate.
  • Cover exhibits with ample cling film to protect from insects and allow re-covering.
  • Use ingredients suggested (where given).
  1. 3 fruit scones
  2. 5 pieces of any flavour tray bake – any base mixture of cake/biscuit cereal, baked on a tray, cut into even sized squares or fingers to serve. Examples of toppings:- chocolate, nuts, fruit, icing, preserve, caramel, etc.
  3. 1 loaf handmade white bread (made the previous day)
  4. Victoria Sandwich Cake – using 3 eggs, baked in 2x18cm (7”) sandwich tins, raspberry jam filled with a light dusting of caster sugar.
  5. 1 Vegetable Cake.  Please state vegetable(s) used – 1x1lb loaf tin or 18-22cms/7-8”


Age categories:

  1. Under 6 years, decorate 4 cupcakes (decoration only to be judged)
  2. 7 to 10 years, decorate 4 cupcakes (decoration only to be judged)
  3. 11 to 18 years, bake and decorate a cake of your choice, any size (cake and decorates to be judged)

Make us laugh

49. ‘Make us laugh’ category for the funniest or weirdest shaped Vegetable or Fruit – open to all ages.