The Barnes Horticultural and Allotment Society (BHAS) looks after five allotment sites located in the East Sheen area of the Borough of Richmond Upon Thames.

In order to apply for an allotment at one of these five sites, you must be a resident within the borough.  Please note out of borough applications are not accepted.

How do I get an allotment in East Sheen?

All allotment applications must be made through the Richmond Council website and all the site wait lists are managed by the Richmond Council Allotment Officer.  When you apply, you can choose three sites out of the 24 allotment sites located within the Borough of Richmond Upon Thames.  You can select the East Sheen sites in your application.


Note: Please ensure your personal details are kept up to date, including phone numbers and email addresses, with the council.  If the council cannot contact you, you may lose your place on the wait list.

What allotment sites does BHAS represent?

There are five allotment sites in East Sheen looked after by East Sheen allotments (BHAS).

  1. The Priory allotment
    Upper Richmond Road West, East Sheen, SW14 8ED
  2. Hertford Avenue allotment
    Hertford Avenue, East Sheen, SW14 8RE
  3. The Triangle allotment
    Palewell Park, East Sheen, SW14 8JG
  4. Palewell Pavilion allotment (aka Palewell Fields)
    Palewell Park, East Sheen, SW14 8RE
  5. Palewell Park allotment
    Hertford Avenue, East Sheen, SW14 8JJ
  • Priory, Hertford Avenue and Triangle sites all run along Hertford Avenue from the Upper Richmond Road West, to the Pitch and Putt course  on Palewell Common. They are bordered by Beverley Brook and Hertford Avenue.
  • Palewell Pavilion is on the edge of Palewell Common.
  • Palewell Park lies between the top of East Sheen Avenue, a road called Palewell Park and Vicarage Road.

What are the current wait times for these sites?

(last updated January 2018)

  • 120 waiting for The Priory – 5 yrs approx.
  • 184 waiting for the Hertford Avenue – 5 yrs approx.
  • 91 waiting for The Triangle – 5 yrs approx.
  • 139 waiting for Palewell Pavilion (aka Palewell Fields) – 5 yrs approx.
  • 175 waiting for Palewell Park7 yrs approx.

Please note some of the individuals on the wait lists have expressed a preference for more than one site in East Sheen so there is some degree of overlap; there are currently 400 individuals out of 709 names on the East Sheen allotments waitlist.

What happens when my name gets to the top of the waiting list?

You will receive a call from the Richmond Council Allotment Officer to confirm if you still wish for an allotment and, if you do, your name will be passed to the appropriate allotment site representative.

If the available plot is in an East Sheen allotments, the BHAS site representative will contact you to arrange a viewing.  Once you view the plot, you can decide on its suitability for you.

What do I need to do once I am offered an allotment?

You will need to:

Once those are done and you receive your keys, happy gardening!

How much time does it take per week to work an allotment?

Currently, large allotments are being split to help reduce waitlist times.  The size offered to you will likely be a 1/2 plot (sizes vary), which can take quite a bit of hard work to get into shape (especially if it’s overgrown and neglected.  Unfortunately, it’s not unusual for available plots to be overgrown and neglected.)

Initial prep for planting can take many, many weeks of back-breaking digging, cutting, and clearing of the plot.

After it’s in shape, an allotment is a major time commitment and a lot of consistent, hard work.  Once the plot is in shape, you can expect to spend anywhere from 6-10 hours a week at the site (during the summer/peak growing season) and 2-4 hours (during the winter).

During the growing season and especially hot weather, it may be necessary to be at the allotment everyday or every other day.

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