The Trading Shed is located at the Hertford Avenue allotment site located at Hertford Avenue, SW14 8EQ and run by the Mark and Sheena.

The Trading Shed is one of the benefits of Barnes Horticultural and Allotment Society (BHAS) membership; discounted seeds, fertilisers, and other gardening supplies are available for purchase during the growing season.

All stock is offered at a discount to garden centre prices to BHAS members.

During trading hours, you can also join or renew your BHAS membership and collect a membership card.

Trading Shed hours

The Trading Shed is open each weekend between 11.00 – 12.00 on Saturday and Sunday from the 9th January 2021.

Available now (January 2021) at the Trading Shed, while stocks last.
Seed potato varieties: Red Duke of York, Casablanca, Charlotte, Wilja, Desiree, Maris Piper and Picasso.
Onion varieties: Bella and Red Baron.
Shallots varieties: Golden gourmet and Red sun.

Trading Shed price list

January 2020

Description Size Price £
Country Composted Manure 80 ltr £3.00
Horizon Peat Free Compost £5.00
John Innes composts – No.3 30ltr £4.20
Jack’s Magic Compost 60ltr £4.50
Evergreen Multipurpose Compost 75ltr £4.50
Extra-rich super-concentrated composter manure £5.00
Ericaceous compost 60ltr £4.50
Tomato Planters (Plant Bags) £3.80
Chicken manure pellets 8kg tub £7.00
Bone Meal 2.5kg £2.00
Fish Blood & Bone 2.5kg £2.50
Growmore 2.0kg £2.50
Garotta 3.5kg £5.00
Potash 1.0kg £2.00
Lime 2.5kg £2.00
Maxicrop 1 litre £4.80
Tomato Feed 1 litre £3.30
Slug Pellets 650g £4.00
Canes  4ft each £0.25
Canes  6ft each £0.35
Canes  8ft each £0.45
Cane Caps each £0.10
Gloves    all sizes   General Use – Thermal – Precision Pair £5.50
Plant labels 10 Sml
10 Large
Fleece  3.20 m wide 1 metre £0.60
Black netting  4m wide 1 metre £1.50
Enviromesh anti insect net  2m wide 1 metre £2.00
Potting grit 2.5kg £0.80
Potting grit 20.0kg £5.00
Path cover (Phormisol)  0.5m wide 1 metre £0.50
Path cover (Phormisol)  1.0m wide 1 metre £1.00
Clear Polythene sheet 1 metre £1.50
Black Plastic  4m wide 1 metre £1.50
Vermiculite / Perlite 1 bag £1.50
Seed Trays 5 trays £1.00
Twine 300m £3.50
Potatoes 1.0kg £1.20
Onion Sets 500g £1.50
Shallots 500g £1.70