Each month we are getting to know our allotment neighbours a bit better. For May, we have been chatting to Diane McLellan who is at plot 52 at the Priory allotment site. Diane is also site rep for this area at Priory.

How long have you had an allotment in East Sheen?

I have had the same allotment on Priory since 2002

What jobs have you been doing on the allotment this month?

Weeding the asparagus bed! I always forget and then have to do it by hand as they start poking through. Also weeding the strawberries and digging over beds that have been covered to get them ready for seeds and plantlets I have started at home.

What crop has done well this year?

We are in April now and I still have lots of strawberries and gooseberries in the freezer from last year, as it was such a good year for soft fruit. I am going to have make lots of crumble & compote to use them up before the next lot starts coming in. There is masses of pear blossom at the moment and the rhubarb is coming up well.

What are you planning to grow next season?

I have recently got interested in Korean food and so am researching plants I can grow for that, so lots of radishes, herbs, salad, green beans, long leaf green onions and cabbages – though I have had no luck with cabbages up until now!

What’s your favourite recipe to make with your harvest?

I grow a lot of soft fruit and love using them for jams, puddings, cordials and liqueurs. A family favourite is Gooseberry Meringue pie.

See the recipe Diane uses here for Goosberry Meringue pie.

In addition to gardening of course, do you have any other hobbies or skills?

As an artist printmaker I am always taking photos on the allotment to use for printmaking. I am currently producing a series of lithographs based on dandelions and bees.

Photo above shows Diane’s dog Ripley ‘helping’ to pick gooseberries and raspberries!