Each month we are getting to know our allotment neighbours a bit better. For July, we have been chatting to Paul Edelin who is at plot 15 at the Palewell Park allotment site.

How long have you had an allotment in East Sheen?

We’ve had our plot at Palewell Park since 1984.

What jobs have you been doing on the allotment this month?

In July we have been planting leeks and broccoli, picking soft fruit including loganberries, tayberries and also sweet peas, french beans, hunter beans, beetroot, aubergines and courgettes. We’ve also been digging a few potatoes, watering everything as far as possible, feeding tomatoes and extricating bindweed along with other weeds.

What crop has done well this year?

Our squash (Crown Prince) and blackberries (Fantasia) appear promising.

What are you planning to grow next season?

More vegetables and soft fruits.

What’s your favourite recipe to make with your harvest?

Plain cooked beetroot and also courgette cake.

In addition to gardening of course, do you have any other hobbies or skills?

Doing never ending odd jobs – house and garden maintenance!