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This post contains:

  • Can you help a grad student with her dissertation?
  • 3 September 2017’s Annual Show photo gallery 
  • Save the date for the Autumn Annual Show
  • Minutes from the 2017 AGM
  • Minutes from BRAG 2017
  • Spotted Wing Drosophila
  • Minutes from BRAG 2016
  • Park Road Allotments are under threat of development

Can you help? 

Alice Elliott is a third year under-graduate at the University of Nottingham, currently working on her Dissertation, exploring the cultural and historical significance of allotments in the UK.  Her interest in allotments and gardening stems from her father, who has held an allotment in the borough for over 15 years.

She has devised a short online questionnaire – the link to which is below – and is hoping to reach as many allotment owners in the local area as possible. The questionnaire itself is very straightforward and should take no longer than 5 minutes to complete.  It is aimed at anyone who would like to contribute, and focuses primarily on the impact that owning an allotment has had on the on the participant.

What does your allotment mean to you? Exploring the cultural and historical significance of allotments in the UK. Survey

Photo Gallery of a successful Annual Show, held 3rd September 2017…..

Some of the Happy Winners…

A full list of  cup winners and best plot winners to come at a later date.

Important Diary Date…. 3rd September 2017 

The date for the Annual Show:

The show will be held at Hertford Avenue, near the Trading Shed on Sunday 3rd September, from 12.00.

Please come along to meet plot holders, show off your produce and enjoy a drink and a barbecue..

Annual Show. 2017 version

JUNE AGM 2017 

The Society’s AGM took  place on Saturday 17th June and was very well attended in spite of the hot and sticky weather. 

Minutes of the June 2017 AGM: BHAS AGM MINUTES 2017


It was a beautiful sunny day for the Open Day which was a great success with visitors both old and new. Many thanks to everyone who contributed cakes, plants, produce and their time, or just came along to enjoy the sunshine and buy a raffle ticket. There will be more about it in the next newsletter but here are a few photos in the meantime.












Previous News

The minutes from the latest BRAG meeting are now available here: brag-agm-minutes-161128

Don’t let Spotted Wing Drosophila destroy your soft fruit this summer!
Janet Bostock mentioned last year that her entire cherry crop was destroyed by Spotted Wing Drosophila (SWD). Read her information sheet on it Spotted Wing Drosophila
Many other allotment holders also found large quantities of soft fruit ruined by SWD fruit flies boring holes into fruit.
The Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) are warning that SWD fruit flies are spreading rapidly from Europe across the UK, destroying soft fruit such as plums, cherries, raspberries, strawberries, currants etc.
SWD fruit flies drill a small hole right into the centre of the ripening fruit, usually from the lowest part of the fruit upwards towards the stalk and lay their eggs. The infected fruits rapidly deteriorate as the grubs grow and eat the fruits from the inside.
The mild winter has helped the SWD to proliferate and this summer SWD fruit flies are expected in increased numbers, so action is required to protect your soft fruit.


Defences such as SWD traps do appear to work and the RHS has a useful page on their website. Spotted wing drosophila/RHS Gardening
SWD traps recommended by the RHS: Drosophila suzukii SWD Trap


The minutes from the most recent meeting between BRAG and the council may be found here: BRAG Minutes 160223 Final.

BRAG is the Borough of Richmond Allotment Group


Park Road Allotments are under threat of development. More information can be found here:

If BHAS members would like to support their fellow allotmenters they can sign the petition here: