The Grape Collective

Fellow plot holder Gary Hazell has produced several bottles of wine from his harvest of grapes. He harvested over 83 kilos from one vine that produced 56 75cl bottles. His grapes were delivered to the team at Urban Wines last September, who produce a range of products under Chateau Tooting. The 2020 vintage is a Rose made up of grapes collected from several plot sites including Gary’s.

Gary has created a new not-for-profit organisation called The Grape Collective. This is a small voluntary business that will look to collect grapes from different plot holders and sites with the aim to take these to the Urban Wines team to produce more wine from the next set of harvests due in September. You can then buy back the fruits of your labour as bottled wine.

Gary is also interested to know if any plot holders would like to learn how to tend their vines, when and how to prune and general care and harvest. He is considering offering a short viticulture course for those interested.