On Sunday 12th September 2021 we held our first Annual Show for two years. It was brilliant to see so many plot holders return to show their produce and enjoy delicious cakes and tea. Here is a snapshot of the day, showing the excellent array of produce being judged.

Thank you to everyone who kindly volunteering their time setting up, judging, hosting the plant stall and raffle and baking delicious cakes.

We look forward to seeing you again next year.

Congratulations to all our show winners.

Cup winners:

Best Showperson – John Hynd

Best Plot – Dino Franz and Sarah Willard

Best newcomer’s plot – Cath Brooks and Ben Gothard (pictured above).

Show category winners:

Class 1st
1Aubergines x 2John Hynd
2Peppers x 3John Hynd
3Chili peppers x 4John Padgett
4Beetroot x 4 – with 8cm of topsPam Islip
5French Beans x 6 – any colour, any type (keep stalks on)John Padgett
6Runner Bean x 6 (keep stalks on)Clara Molden
7Carrot x 4 – with 8cm carrot topsDiane Black
8Courgette x 4Chris Lawrence
9Cucumber x 1Clara  Molden & Rob Ayward
10Garlic x 3John & Carol Lyons
11Marrow x 1 – no longer than 38 cm (15 inches)    –
12Onions x 4 – outer skins only removed (leave 3 inches of stem)   –
13Shallots x 6Harriet Graham
14Potatoes x 4Diane Black
15Pumpkin / Squash x 1                                               Joint FirstOliver Family & Fiona Heath
16Sweetcorn x 2 (with outer leaves)John Padgett
17Beef tomato x 4 – with stalksJohn Hynd
18Cherry tomato x 6 – with stalksJohn Padgett
19Medium tomato x 4 – with stalks                         Joint FirstPam Islip &         (no name)
20Mixed vegetables – 1 each of 5 kinds (presentation up to you!)                                                                          Joint FirstMark Gourley & John Hynd
21Any vegetable x 1 (this is for any vegetable NOT in the above categories)Yvonne Langley
22Biggest vegetable x 1Oliver Family
23Herbs in a jam jar – please write a list of the herbs you display and place with the jarHarriet Graham
24Apples x 4Diane Black
25Top fruit (pears, plums, quinces, etc.) any kind x 4      –
26Soft fruit, any kind x 10 (where possible leave stems)John Padgett
27Any other fruitGary Hazel
28Mixed flowers in a vase, arrange as you wishHarriet Graham
29A single variety of flowers in vaseClara Molden
30Dahlias x 6 stems, same varietyJohn Hynd
31Largest diameter Sunflower Head x 1John Padgett
32Tallest Sunflower plant inc. Head x 1Charlie Armour
34aAged up to 10 years. Mini garden on a seed tray – create your own miniature garden.Myles Goodwin
34bAged 11 – 18 years. Mini garden on a seed tray – create your own miniature garden.    –
35aAged up to 10 years. Vegetable monster/pet – decorate and create using vegetables, fruit and/or herbs.Myles Goodwin
35bAged 11 – 18 years. Vegetable monster/pet – decorate and create using vegetables, fruit and/or herbs.Oliver Goodwin
36A glass jar of homemade fruit jam, any kindAlastair Kennedy
37A Victoria Sponge Cake – your family’s favourite recipeDiane Black
38A glass jar of homemade chutney, any kindPam Islip
41‘Make us laugh’ category for the funniest or weirdest shaped Vegetable or Fruit – open to all ages.Oliver Family