Enter the 2020 Sunflower Competition

Unfortunately, this year the Annual Show in September will not go ahead due to Covid-19 restrictions but we are excited to share more details about a virtual Sunflower Competition. We’ve seen some amazing sunflowers growing on plots across the allotment sites and we can’t wait to see your entries!

Competition rules

Categories & guidance on how to measure

1. Biggest sunflower head

Measure the diameter of the seed head. The flower petals should not be included.

2. Tallest sunflower plant

Measured from the base of the stem (not including the roots) to the top of the head. The head can be extended to measure the full height of the plant.

How to Enter

Entries are open from now until the 30th September 2020.  Please enter your details using this online form.  Competition open to East Sheen allotment plot holders only.

Please submit one entry for each individual sunflower you wish to enter in the competition. For instance, if you have two sunflowers you wish to enter (one for height and another biggest sunflower head), please submit the form twice. It is possible to enter the same sunflower in both categories.

Please self-measure your sunflowers in millimetres (mm).

Once a submission is received, all measurements will be verified by a volunteer judge to confirm measurements.


(entry closed on 1 October 2020)

Photos of entries

Please do send us any photos you have of your sunflowers as we would like to share these in the next newsletter and on the website (not a requirement to enter the competition).

Photos can be sent to bhas.social.news@gmail.com.

Thank you and good luck!

Review: Fungi talk from Pam Islip (Priory)

In October fellow plot holder and amateur mycologist Pam Islip gave us a talk on fungi at All Saints Church in East Sheen. It was well attended and enjoyed by all. Halina Kessler (committee Events Organiser) has written a few words about the talk.

“Over thirty people came out on a chilly Autumn evening to hear Pam Islip’s great talk about Fungi. Pam is a knowledgeable amateur mycologist and she brought with her a vast array of fungi foraged that very morning from Surrey.  There were excellent examples on display of everything from poisonous fungi to the very edible. Pam explained their role as agents of decay in our compost bins and also as the symbiotic promoter of growth offered by mycorrhizal fungi to our roses and other plants. There is much to learn about fungi and how they can benefit our allotments.

There was also a lot of discussion about foraging and Pam reminded us of the expression: ‘All fungi are edible. Some fungi are only edible once…’ (Terry Pratchett). Some of us might now think twice before rashly frying up our finds!

If anyone has any suggestions for talks or presentations we could put on for our members, please do let us know hello@thefoldline.com”

Annual Show 2019

The Annual Show was a great success this year. We had lots of impressive entries into the vegetable, fruit, flower and baking categories. We also enjoyed a delicious BBQ with homemade salads and Victoria sponge cakes along with a plant sale, children’s activities and a raffle. Take a look at all the winners below and a selection photos from the day.



  • Plot of the Year – John Hynd
  • Best Newcomer’s Plot – Dino Franz
  • Show Person of the Year (for most points scored in show) – John Hynd
  • Best in Baking categories (person with most points) – Natasa Bojkovic


  1. Aubergines – 1st J. Hynd
  2. Peppers – 1st J. Hynd
  3. Chili peppers – 1st Harriet Graham / 2nd Kennedy
  4. Beetroot – 1st Goodwin / 2nd J. Hynd / 3rd Kennedy
  5. French Beans – 1st J. Bostock / 2nd Warman / 3rd Diane McLellan
  6. Runner Bean – 1st Kennedy / 2nd Ronnie Bendall / 3rd Goodwin
  7. Carrot – 1st Rashid / 2nd J. Hynd
  8. Courgette – 1st Kennedy S.A.
  9. Cucumber – 1st Rashid / 2nd John + Carol
  10. Garlic – 1st John + Carol / 2nd J. Hynd
  11. Marrow – 1st Rahul
  12. Onions – 1st J. Hynd / 2nd Goodwin / 3rd Harriet Graham
  13. Shallots – 1st J. Hynd / 2nd Goodwin / 3rd Rashid
  14. Potato – 1st Kennedy / 2nd Harriet Graham/ 3rd Rashid
  15. Pumpkin / Squash – 1st Kennedy / 2nd J. Padgett / 3rd Diane Black
  16. Sweetcorn – N/A
  17. Beef tomato – 1st Rashid / 2nd Deborah Genders
  18. Cherry tomato – 1st Pam Islip / 2nd J. Bostock / 3rd Rashid
  19. Medium tomato – 1st Pam Islip / 2nd G. Checketts / 3rd Rashid
  20. Mixed vegetables – 1st Flo Goodwin / 2nd J. Hynd / 3rd Miles Goodwin
  21. Any vegetable – 1st Natasa Bojkovic / 2nd Garry Hazel / 3rd Pam Islip
  22. Biggest vegetable – 1st James Duncan / 2nd J. Padgett
  23. Herbs in a jam jar – 1st Harriet Graham / 2nd Pam Islip / 3rd Ronnie Bendall


  1. Apples – 1st Diane Black / 2nd Warman / 3rd Janet Lavender
  2. Top fruit (pears, plums, quinces, etc.) – 1st Ronnie Bendall / 2nd Warman / 3rd Derek Lawrence-Brown
  3. Soft fruit – 1st G. Checketts / 2nd Janet Lavender
  4. Blackberries – N/A
  5. Any other fruit – 1st Garry + Hazel


  1. Mixed flowers in a vase – 1st Harriet Graham / 2nd Rashid / 3rd J. Hynd
  2. A single variety of flowers in vase – 1st J. Hynd / 2nd Ronnie Bendall
  3. Dahlias – 1st J. Hynd / 2nd Rashid
  4. Sunflower – N/A


33a. Aged up to 10 years. Create an original art piece inspired by the allotments.

1st Florence Goodwin

33b. Aged 11 – 18 years. Create an original art piece inspired by the allotments.

2nd Pandora + Adelaide Kennedy

34a. Aged up to 10 years. Mini garden on a seed tray – create your own miniature garden.

2nd Miles + Oliver Goodwin

34b. Aged 11 – 18 years. Mini garden on a seed tray – create your own miniature garden.

1st Adelaide Kennedy / 2nd Pandora Kennedy

35a. Aged up to 10 years. Vegetable monster/pet – decorate and create using vegetables, fruit and/or herbs.

1st Miles Goodwin

35b. Aged 11 – 18 years. Vegetable monster/pet – decorate and create using vegetables, fruit and/or herbs.

1st Adelaide Kennedy / 2nd Pandora Kennedy


Jam and Preserves

  1. Jar stone fruit jam – Natasa Bojkovic
  2. Jar soft fruit jam – Diane Black
  3. Jar marmalade – N/A
  4. Jar lemon curd – Natasa Bojkovic
  5. Jar chutney – Diane McLellan


  1. 3 fruit scones – Janet Bostock
  2. 5 pieces of any flavour tray bake – Sue Oyler
  3. 1 loaf handmade white bread – Janet Bostock
  4. Victoria Sandwich Cake – Sue Oyler
  5. 1 Vegetable Cake – Diane Black


Age categories:

  1. Under 6 years, decorate 4 cupcakes – Aleks Bojkovic
  2. 7 to 10 years, decorate 4 cupcakes – George Bojkovic
  3. 11 to 18 years, bake and decorate a cake of your choice, any size – Pandora Kennedy

Make us laugh

49. ‘Make us laugh’ category for the funniest or weirdest shaped Vegetable or Fruit

1st Ben (Priory) / 2nd Miles Goodwin

May Open Day 2019

Thanks to everyone who joined us for the Open Day, we had lovely weather and plenty of delicious tea and cake was had by all! Below are a selection of photos from the day.

Thank you to everyone who volunteered on the day and brought cakes, plants and gifts for the raffle. We are also thankful to the Twickenham and Thames Valley Beekeepers’ Association and Friends of Barnes Common.

Thank you to Sarah for taking all these photos on the day.

The Plant Sale

Art activities for children.

Learning about beekeeping from the Twickenham and Thames Valley Bee-keeper’s Association

Finding out more about the work of Friends of Barnes Common

Lots of delicious cakes, tea and drinks!

Lots of prizes as part of the raffle.

This year we also had a tool sharpening service for plot holders.

Save the date for 2019 Open Day – 12 May

Save the date

Mark your calendars for the 2019 BHAS Open Day for 12 May from 2-5pm.  Our Open Day is confirmed and we’ve love for you to join us for the afternoon.  Information about the day can be found on the Events page – so stay tuned as plans develop.

What is Open Day?

Open Day is a way for our community to wander around the allotments and get inspiration for your own plot or garden as well as socialise with our allotment community.  Activities for kids are in the works, so it’s a great family afternoon.

We will be selling afternoon teas so come hungry!


In preparation for the day, you can also help the BHAS Allotment Society by:

  • planting seeds to sell at the plant sale, and
  • volunteering to help on the day.

If you are interested in lending a hand, please contact us!

Hope to see you there.

2018 BHAS Annual Show Winners



Mike Goodwin (plot 57, Priory)


Rashid (plot 48, Hertford), Deborah Genders (plot 29, Hertford), Pam Islip (plot 36, Priory).


Oliver Goodwin


All other winners: William Lambert, Adelaide Kennedy, Holly Lambert, Pandora Kennedy, Miles Goodwin, Hollie and Miles Hess, Isla and Freddie Dawson.

Show Winners

1. Aubergine
1st – Amani Orr Ewing (plot 4, Palewell Park)
2nd – Pam Islip (plot 36, Priory)
3rd – Mark
2. Pepper
1st – Mark
2nd – Oliver Goodwin
3rd – Rashid  (plot 48, Hertford)
3. Chillies
1st – Rashid  (plot 48, Hertford)
2nd – Pandora Kennedy
3rd – Mark
4. Beetroot
1st – Alfonso Moreno (plot 63, Priory)
2nd – Goodwin (plot 57, Priory)
3rd – Chris and Jan, (plot 8, Triangle)
5. Green Beans
1st – Terry Farrar
2nd – Sophie Kennedy (plot 5A, Palewell Park)
3rd – Terry Farrar
6. Runner Beans
1st – Chris and Jan, (plot 8, Triangle)
2nd – Goodwin (plot 57, Priory)
3rd – Terry Farrar
7. Carrots – No entries
8. Courgettes
1st – Ronnie Bendall (plot 51, Hertford)
2nd – Goodwin (plot 57, Priory)
3rd – Tally Foster (plot 8, Palewell Park)
9. Cucumber
1st – Janet Bostock (plot 39, Hertford)
2nd – Goodwin (plot 57, Priory)
3rd – Pam Islip (plot 36, Priory)
10. Garlic – No entries
11. Marrow
1st – Terry Farrar
2nd – Oliver Goodwin
12. Onions
1st – Goodwin (plot 57, Priory)
13. Shallots
1st – Rashid  (plot 48, Hertford)
2nd – Deborah Genders (plot 29, Hertford)
14. Potatoes
1st – Goodwin (plot 57, Priory)
2nd – Rashid  (plot 48, Hertford)
3rd – Rashid  (plot 48, Hertford)
15. Pumpkins/Squash
1st – Paul Edelin (plot 15, Palewell Park)
2nd – Harriet Graham (plot 38, Priory)
3rd – Derek Lawrence-Brown (plot 26, Hertford)
16. Sweetcorn – No entries
17. Beef Tomatoes
1st – Deborah Genders (plot 29, Hertford)
2nd – Goodwin (plot 57, Priory)
18. Cherry Tomatoes
1st – Pam Islip (plot 36, Priory)
2nd – Pam Islip (plot 36, Priory) /Janet Bostock (plot 39, Hertford)
3rd – Pam Islip (plot 36, Priory)
19. Tomatoes (medium)
1st – Pam Islip (plot 36, Priory)
2nd – Rashid  (plot 48, Hertford)
3rd – Tally Foster (plot 8, Palewell Park)
20. Basket of mixed vegetables
1st – G. Hazell, plot 55
2nd – Mark
3rd – Paul Eelin (plot 15, Palewell Park)
21. Any other vegetables
1st – Mark
2nd – Giuliana (plot 21, Hertford)
3rd – Terry Farrar
22. Biggest vegetable
1st – John Padgett (plot 41A, Hertford)
2nd – Freddie Dawson
3rd – Giuliana (plot 21, Hertford)
23. Herbs in a jam jar
1st – Deborah Genders (plot 29, Hertford)
2nd – Ronnie Bendall (plot 51, Hertford)
3rd – Rashid  (plot 48, Hertford)
24. Apples
1st – Deborah Genders (plot 29, Hertford)
2nd – Janet Bostock (plot 39, Hertford)
3rd – Ben 26
25. Top fruit (Pears/Plums/Quinces)
1st – Ronnie Bendall (plot 51, Hertford)
2nd – David Foster
3rd – Rashid  (plot 48, Hertford)
26. Soft fruit 
1st – David Foster
2nd – Deborah Genders (plot 29, Hertford)
27. Blackberries – no entries
28. Any other fruit 
1st – G. Hazell
2nd – Ben 26
29. Mixed flowers in a vase
1st – Rashid  (plot 48, Hertford)
30. A single variety of flowers in a vase
1st – Ronnie Bendell (plot 51, Hertford), Tally Foster (plot 8, Palewell Park), Goodwin (plot 57, Priory), Oliver Goodwin
31. No entries – Dahlias
32. Sunflower
1st – Goodwin (plot 57, Priory)

Children’s categories

33. Children’s – artwork
1st – Hollie and Miles Hess
2nd – Adelaide Kennedy
3rd – Pandora Kennedy
34. Children’s – mini garden seed tray
1st – William Lambert
2nd – Adelaide Kennedy
3rd – Holly Lambert, Pandora Kennedy, Miles Goodwin, Oliver Goodwin
35. Children’s – courgette pet
1st – Isla and Freddie Dawson
2nd – Pandora Kennedy, Oliver Goodwin, Miles Goodwin
3rd – Adelaide Kennedy

Baking categories

Unfortunately, in the excitement of the day, we didn’t record the winners of the baking categories (but they were delicious)!
If you won and would like your name added, please contact us.


Judging the allotments every year is a pleasure and a pain!

A pleasure because I always find some truly beautiful little plots I’ve never seen before and a pain because it is so difficult to decide who will be winners.

Allotments are not just a piece of ground to grow healthy fruit and vegetables and beautiful flowers, they have always been a space for recreation and relaxation where friends and family can meet and work together, an escape from the stresses of modern London, an oasis of calm in an increasingly busy world.

Bearing all this in mind, when I judge the allotments, I mark everyone out of 100 with roughly 40% for quantity and quality of produce, 40% for overall appearance including creativity and design, and 20% for pest and disease prevention, recycling, composting, and wild life encouragement.



John Hynd at Priory (No.76)



John Hynd (plot 76) and Emily Coates (plot 10)

Emily (Plot no. 10) has had a plot for donkey’s years; it is a very small plot under some large trees, but it has always been immaculate with edged grass paths, beautifully espaliered fruit trees, lovely flowers, and a good variety of excellent fruit and vegetables.

John (Plot No.76) has also had his plot for many years, but last year decided to completely renovate his allotment, which included removing everything but the fruit trees.  This renovation included double digging the area to remove bindweed, shovelling in large quantities of manure, putting up sturdy cages to protect fruit and vegetables, and pruning and retraining fruit trees. All the hard work is evident in the vegetables fruit and flowers on his plot this summer and while work is still in progress, the Site Reps and I felt all his hard work deserved a prize.


David Waterhouse, Terry Farrar, Boo and Donal Douglas, Geoff de Metz, Finnie Harrington, Mike Goodwin, James Duncan, Janet Lavender, Susan Moore

  • David Waterhouse (No. 11) lovely pond neat boxed beds with lots of vegetables
  • Terry Farrar (No. 23) for his pumpkins and brassicas.
  • Boo and Donal Douglas (No. 33) for the sheer amount of produce.
  • Mike Goodwin (No. 57) for the scare crow, good design and lovely flowers.
  • James Duncan (No.67) for pretty wicker bed surrounds and lovely Dahlias.
  • Janet Lavender (No.65) for lots of good produce and nice little pond.
  • Geoff de Metz (No. 43)
  • Finnie Harrington (No. 45)
  • Desmond Millen (No. 49)
  • Susan Moore (No. 68)



Jenny Jefferies (plot 19)

Jenny has had her plot (No. 19) for a good few years, but despite illness and injury it has always been a “prize winner” with clean wood chip paths, lots of excellent fruit, vegetables all well protected, and rows of bright flowers including magnificent sweet peas.


Tim, Michael French, Helen Lawrence, David and Nikki Dawson, John Edgar, Warwick Radford, Caroline Bendall, Hans Weisskopf

  • Tim (No. 10) for excellent vegetables and watch out for his enormous brussel sprouts!
  • Michael French (No. 33) for his very neat boxed beds filled withherbs and flowers.
  • Helen Lawrence (No. 38) neat grass paths, well trained and protected fruit and vegetables.
  • David and Nikki Dawson (No. 25) were novice winners last year and the plot still looks good and productive.
  • John Edgar (No.28) as always good vegetables (and I’m sure he uses a spirit level for his beds and paths!)
  • Warwick Radford (No. 40A) has very pretty design.
  • Caroline (Ronnie) Bendall (No. 51) is hidden away at the bottom of Hertford Ave. Very creative use of wood from cut trees with good vegetables despite the shade.
  • Hans Weisskopf (next to Jenny) is our oldest allotment holder and still producing vast amounts of fruit and vegetables.


The Triangle is probably the most difficult site to propagate. The upper, older half has terrible drainage with underground springs and water pipes. Perennial weeds such as mares tail and brambles can make the plot holders life a misery.  The lower half of the site was laid out in the 1990s with bad topsoil laid over stones and gravel and some large trees by the Pitch and Putt make this area very shady. Anyone with a plot on this site deserves praise.


Freddie Dawson (plot 8)

Freddie and his wife (No. 8) have had the plot for 2 years and despite all obstacles have produced an amazing amount of good quality fruit and vegetables.


Sheena Clarke (plot 12A)

Plot No. 12A Sheena Clarkes. It has very neat raised beds in an attempt to combat the mares tail which has worked, but the struggle continues – good luck new plotholder!

THE PAVILION                                                

Tucked away behind a thick hedge by Palewell Park sports pitch, many of you will not have visited this site. It’s like a little world of its own. There are some lovely plots here but unfortunately it’s really difficult to find the numbers so some of you may have missed a mention…


Giles Dimock (plot 7)

Giles (No.7) has grown some excellent produce with strong cages for protection and a good composting area.


Nick and Harriet Hinton (plot 2)

A prize-winning plot with neat raised beds filled at the moment with plenty of flowers and herbs.



Amani Orr-Earling (plot 4)

I wasn’t able to visit this site (No. 4) but according to their Site Rep this plot is always neat and productive and an inspiration to other plot holders!


Mr. and Mrs. Pratt (No. 7)


Not many nominations this year.


Nadia Mackenzie at Priory Plot No. 40A

A tremendous amount of work has gone into this plot to produce new beds filled with good vegetables in just over a year.


Antonia Wyld at Hertford Ave No. 32A

Very new plotholders, new raised beds were constructed and a very hard-working lady shovelled in tons of topsoil through the heat of the summer. More work in progress so a possible prize winner next year…